Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Poor Performance and Personalities

Sioux City, Iowa. Hot. Humid. Stormy. Sunny. Windy. Calm. Birthplace of our worst show yet. This was a show I was looking forward to because we would be playing indoor, as opposed to the outdoor arenas we have been playing. Being that we are the opening band, the sun is still out for our set so it’s not as cool as playing in only stage lighting (in my opinion). Maybe if I just change my perspective a little and take into consideration that the sun doesn’t hang around for the other bands, it would make me feel better. The sun likes the band I’m in better. Back to the show…

Please allow me to tell you why our show was so bad. The lights. I know I’m starting to sound picky—I want stage lighting, but the lights made our show bad—but it’s a little more complicated than that. The front of the stage is lined with lights that shine up into your face, and the lighting guy decided that those were the only lights we were going to get on this night. The only problem is that they were so bright, we couldn’t see our pedal boards, our fret boards, or even the audience. There were times that I missed pedal changes and came in on wrong notes because I was literally momentarily blinded. Between songs, Matt (singer) tried to talk to the crowd, but it was useless because we couldn’t even see them. Another contributing factor to our terrible performance was at one point during one of the songs, one of the band members (I’m granting him anonymity) messed up, which caused me to get lost, so I screwed up royally and we had a momentary train wreck. We were able to salvage that, luckily.

To top off this amazing show, those lights that I mentioned at the front of the stage started falling off. The light crew was really angry and blamed us, but fortunately I set up the flip camera behind me during the show and managed to capture the whole event happening. Watch:

As you can see, Matt simply stomped his foot and the lights started to go. I was able to show the video to the tour manager and crew, and our bacon was saved, so to speak.

Speaking of saving bacon, this next paragraph will have nothing to do with it. I took a personality test yesterday for fun, and the results are in. I am an ISTJ. Reading the description of an ISTJ is like reading the blueprint that God had when he made me, according to Amber. It is pretty funny how accurate it is though. I had Amber take the test too, but hers is not as spot on. It’s still fun to read if you have some time. She is an ENFP.

Eric: http://personalitypage.com/ISTJ.html

Amber: http://personalitypage.com/ENFP.html


Drew said...

I've taken those at different times and they change a bit according to your season of life. But I'm still the one that says:
"You must be the oldest sibling. You like to harrass your younger siblings into making them think you're cool - at least to your face anyway. You'll be good at some stuff, bad at others. And make exceptional child."
Creepy how accurate they can be huh?

Anonymous said...

Love the sound effects on the video. Bummer you had a rough show.