Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gleaning from Grandparents

The venue last night had the best catering of the tour so far. It was great. They even had a bunch of fruit pizzas for dessert, and Ryan managed to snag a whole one for the bus. I had a piece for breakfast. My love for dessert has been passed down from many generations on both sides of my family.

Speaking of my family, I had a serious revelation yesterday: I am becoming more and more like my grandparents. I think it is awesome, but it also means I’m getting old in my old age. I mentioned in a blog a little over three months ago that I was becoming this way, but I have some hard evidence to back this claim up now. As I mentioned, we played at a casino last night. This particular casino had a Starbucks in it, but I never even saw it. A year ago, I would have gone right to it and got myself a nice beverage, but yesterday I chose to stick with the drip coffee in catering… black. Grandma Doris would take this opportunity to proclaim that she likes her coffee like she likes her men, and I am beginning to agree with her… on the coffee part.

So there is your proof. I have now chosen normal black coffee over a drink from Starbucks, built a shed, quoted my Grandma Doris, and had dessert for breakfast. I am becoming like my grandparents, and these are just a few examples…

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Anonymous said...

i get it. I say things at times that sound a lot like my father. Your father too.
Like "SterrrrrrrrrLING!"


Shed roof is goin up tonight.