Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day Off

Today was an eventful day off. It included a walk to a Storebucks (Starbucks in a grocery store), a swim in the hotel pool, lunch at Chili’s, and a movie. Allow me to give you the highlights of each event:

Storebucks: they had samples of their Vanilla Chai Frappuccino and they taste just like pumpkin pie with whipped cream on top.

Pool: no highlight. Just refreshing.

Chili’s: the hotel we are staying at is close to a casino (which we are playing at tomorrow night) and they have a limo shuttle to take a person to and fro. Our tour manager convinced the driver to shuttle us to the restaurant instead of the casino, so we showed up in style… sort of. Here is a video of all of us being technology nerds in the limo:

Movie: we saw Inception. How does anybody write or direct a movie like that? Crazy. I liked the movie. The only downside to the movie was that the theatre had apparently not been updated since it was built, so the sound was terrible. One mono speaker behind the screen just doesn’t cut it when a movie is supposed to be heard in surround sound. The theatre must have run out of coal to shovel into the heating system too, because it was freezing in there. When I got back to the hotel, I made a cup of coffee just to try and warm up. Still a good movie though.

After the movie, a cab came to pick us up. I know… a far cry from our previous limo ride. The driver of this cab was hilarious though! He was a sexagenarian (60 year old) man who wasn’t afraid to speak his mind. Immediately after we got in his Crown Vic, his cell phone started ringing so he answered. Upon hanging up, he said, “That guy is an a#+hole.” We all laughed at his openness, and then he asked us where we were from. Austen told him Los Angeles, to which he replied, “So what do you think of this sh*#hole?” Again, we laughed. I told him they had a really nice theatre complex, of course. He proceeded to tell us that the people here are rude, they suck, and… you get the idea. It was an entertaining cab ride to say the least.

I leave you with this little video of us waiting for the cab after the movie. Enjoy:

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Amber said...

are you all taking videos of each other taking videos in the limo? :)