Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tour Bus Tour

Well we got on our bus today. It is a little older than we expected… a little worn out… a little out-dated… but it is certainly better than touring in a van. We’ve got wireless internet, satellite tv, a toilet (only number 1 in there), bunks, and even… (drum roll)… a VCR!!! Nice. I put together a little video so you can all see my home for the next 6 weeks.

I hope you enjoyed that. The other guy (besides Lem) in the video is Austen, the drummer. Yes, he’s single. Anyway, I am currently sitting in our green room listening to the thundering low end of Creed’s kick drum. I watched their first two songs, and man was it hot! I mean that literally. They have lots of pyrotechnics. I hear they even set a Guinness World Record for most pyro on a music tour. That should be some incentive for you west-coasters to fly out to a show and see us!

So our first show has come and gone, and it was a rough one. I played like garbage (not the band), and our monitors were… not even there. Because we are the first of the three bands to go on, we get the last sound check… if there’s time. Needless to say, we didn’t get to do a proper sound check, so they were really screwed up. Apparently that wasn’t needless to say, considering I said it. But yes, it was a bumpy set. I suppose it can only get better from here.

The other band that played tonight was Skillet, who I have crossed paths with several times with another band I used to play in. It’s kind of fun seeing them again.

So that’s it. Another blog. That is 2 in 2 days. Watch out.


Sheri said...

Thank you for the bus tour. Glad I gave in and sent the Flip. Also, I brought potatoe chips AND took more picturs than Brad of the entire family. But you didn't get to see those.

Tam said...

Are you going to be near Phoenix?