Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Air Error

Most of my previous blogs have been about something, but this one is more of an update blog. First I must confess that I made an egregious error this morning: I wore a hooded sweatshirt for my flight. If you read the blog that preceded the previous, you will know what I’m talking about. Don’t worry though. I have my pillow, and once my airline coffee and cran-apple juice goes through me, I can see about relieving some pimple pressure.

As I sit in my airplane seat, I am left with a tough decision: watch a Miley Cyrus movie, or write a blog. The sentences to follow should be a good indicator as to which option I chose. As I sit on this plane for the next 4.5 hours, I am left to my thoughts and some music. Before the approved electronics could be turned on, many thoughts were whirling through my mind. Thoughts like: I haven’t had hot tea in a long time; my eyes feel dry; I wonder if my eyes feel dry because of the airplane air or because I only got about 3.5 hours of sleep last night; I’m going to miss my wife; my wife is amazing; my family is awesome; I wonder if I packed everything; yep, I packed everything; I’m tired; I wonder if people are reading this over my shoulder; etc…

The main thoughts though are about my family (but now I’m thinking about how the words “thoughts” and “though” look next to each other in a sentence). My family was a huge help and blessing to me over the weekend. I was only home for 3 days, but much was accomplished. A shed was built in my back yard making it possible to park both cars in the garage. That kind of thing becomes exciting when you get to be my age. All in nick-o-time too.

For those of you that actually follow my blog—and I use the term “follow” loosely—you are probably already aware that I am about to embark on the largest-scale tour that I’ve ever done; a tour that I had no idea I would be doing a month ago. I was out mowing the lawn at the end of June when I received a text message from one Daley Hake, and he had a proposition for me: to play guitar on a tour coming up in a few weeks. It seemed like a stretch, but everything fell into place and here I am on a plane, on my way to meet up with the band in Virginia. Pretty wild. I feel it is necessary to point something out here: swinging a hammer at a nail while gripping it with your fingers is not the best idea under the sun when you are leaving the next day to play guitar on tour. I managed to only strike my digits a few times and I came out virtually unscathed.

My intent with this blog for this season is to keep you guys updated on the tour happenings as best I can. I even borrowed Jordan’s flip camera to better document said tour. I realized that I did a horrible job documenting all my travels before, so hopefully I will do better this time around. Feel free to call or text me to let me know it’s been too long since the last update, but I think I’ll do okay since our bus will have wireless internet.

The hardest part about this tour will undoubtedly be the time spent away from Amber. Luckily she will come out on the road with us for about a week, but that isn’t enough time for two people that still love each other after all these years. J Feel free to have her over for dinner sometime while I’m gone. I know you all will take good care of her in my absence.

To close this blog down, I would like to give a list of thank yous for our little party yesterday. This part could be pretty boring, so I suggest you either stop reading now or you imagine that I just received an award of some kind and this is my acceptance speech.

Thank you to:

-Dad for all your hours helping me build the shed.

-Mom for helping a bit with the shed, but mostly mowing, edging, weed-eating, and weeding our yard. Also for the potato salad.

-Tim for helping hold the shed door in place while I drilled it in.

-Brad for doing the same as Tim, as well as being the photojournalist for the day.

-Allan for your hours put into the shed as well, and for staying after most everyone else left so you could move stuff from the garage to the shed.

-Dash for pounding a few nails and for carrying a few pieces of wood. Also for giving me a big hug and telling me you love me even with a mouth full of peanut butter cracker.

-Andy for bringing Dash, especially since he helped more than you. Just kidding. Thanks for manning the grill as well.

-Kaeden for head butting me with your football helmet.

-Tiffanie for the watermelon.

-Nick for your wife bringing watermelon.

-Grandma and Grandpa for the beans and anything else you brought.

-Sheri for bringing the drinks and the workers.

-Jordan for stopping by long enough to drink one of my Snapple Peach Iced Teas.

-Josh for giving me the latest on the Blazers.

-Becky for making time in your busy schedule to come to our barbeque/work party.

I think I got everybody. If not, I’m sure I’ll hear about it eventually. For those of you that weren’t there, it sounds like a party you wish you were at, doesn’t it?

Quick recommendation for those of you who like ambient music: get the soundtrack from The Book of Eli.


Anonymous said...

Who needs the soundtrack when you just the play the movie over and over just like you do every other day?
(This is a joke in case you didn't know.)


Amber Lemiere said...

It's not a joke. It's the truth :) He even blogs about it. And now I'm only a half-liar.