Friday, July 16, 2010

Plane Travel Unravelled Plainly

Airplane travel can often be unpleasant. The security checkpoints, the stale plane air, the crying child that always happens to be a row or two away, and many other things can contribute to the negative flight experience. Because I have been to my fair share of airports and flown many times, I feel I have at least a little bit of wisdom to share with you to make your travel more enjoyable.

The first tidbit of information I want to share with you is about your shoe choice. You will want to choose a loose fitting, preferably laceless pair for two reasons:

-First, the TSA requires you to remove your shoes at the security checkpoint, and this makes removal much quicker and easier.

-Second, as you fly, your feet will swell up causing a normal shoe to be tight and uncomfortable. You may consider even wearing slippers. I’ve done it. I also take my rings off during flight because my fingers also swell.

Another obvious tip is to bring your own headphones and media player. There is always a screaming child nearby, and this will certainly help. Even if you don’t have a media player, bring headphones or even earplugs. Many planes have headphone jacks for you to listen to something.

The next thing was taught to me by my brother Andy, who was taught by his college basketball coach. It may gross you out a bit, but you may find that it is a very convenient truth. An airplane is a perfect place to pop zits. That pressurized cabin really brings them to the surface, so if you have a big one the day of the flight, chances are that it is going to blow during flight. Just go into the bathroom and start squeezing. Be sure to wipe off the mirror when you are done.

This blog is starting to get boring (“Starting?” you are thinking) (Yes, I know your thoughts). I’ll just blow through these last things so you can get on with your internet-ing. Wear something warm, but don’t wear anything with a hood. Hoods come between your neck and the seat, and when you sit in a seat anywhere from 2-12 hours in a row, this will be uncomfortable. If you are too warm, then take a layer off, but plane cabins are often chilly.

Always fly with a pillow. Even if I have two carry-ons, they never tell me that I can’t have my third item. Pillows make the world better, so why would you not think to take it flying? It makes it more comfortable. Have you seen the airplane pillows? They are tiny!

Lastly, always get either Ginger Ale or Cran-Apple Juice. Ok, this isn’t that important; it is just what I always get. It’s kind of a tradition. Maybe you would like to join in my tradition?

Sorry this blog read more like an instructions manual than anything else. Nobody reads those for pleasure. The next one will be better… I promise…


Rebecca Kirkwood said...

I always get Cran-Apple too, It's better on an airplane for some reason!

Amber Lemiere said...

and I always get the Ginger Ale :)

Dr k said...

I've got to try the zit thing!!!! Awesome!!!!!

Jennifer said...

im a cran-apple girl .... & you are right about the zit thing.