Tuesday, April 26, 2011


My 29th birthday has now come and gone. I wear slippers all the time. I drink black coffee. I’m trying to eat healthier and (dare I say) more organic. I watch documentaries more often than movies. I’m old. Everyone keeps saying I'm almost 30, which is clearly true, but I don't care. It's just a number. I think Amber probably has a harder time with my age than I do. She thinks I'm old too.

Since I am so old and wise now, I feel it is necessary to share some of it with you:

The first thing was, I learned was to forgive myself. Then I told myself, “Go ahead and do whatever you want, it’s okay by me.”

Ok, so that was actually a Deep Thought from Jack Handy that was on one of my birthday cards (thank you Zac). I used to love deep thoughts, and my love has been rekindled recently. Just ask Shawnee McCown. I’m trying to light her fire, but I think her wood is wet.

My favorite birthday card came from my little nephew Dash. It was homemade and had stamps all over it. He colored in some of the stamps, but he was really eager to show me how many times he stamped “I love you” on the card. Probably the funniest part was when he was showing me the different stamps of “him and I” (which were a boy and a girl) and he pointed to the one pictured below and said, “That’s you and me in a bathtub.” Okay, little buddy. Clearly we are eating a giant slice of watermelon together, but I won’t correct you.

Speaking of watermelon, a juicer was given to me for my birthday (another indicator of my age) and I love it. Fresh juice is amazing. The only un-amazing part about the whole thing is the clean up. Tedious. In my shopping for fruits and veggies to juice, though, I came across a new discovery: dried cantaloupe. It’s delicious! So at least there is a LITTLE bit of wisdom that I shared with you.

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Barb Shelton said...

I love your writing(s), Eric!!! ... including your comments about Dash's card for you, which he made here at my house... He and I have made several cards, so when he came up last Friday (with Gramma Kynda) to color Easter eggs, he asked if he could make a card afterwards. So into my craft room we went, and as he was picking out what stamps he wanted to use, I asked him who he wanted to make his card FOR. He said "My friend, Eric." "Oh, is Eric your age?" "No, he's bigger." "Ooooh, so is this your UNCLE Eric?" "Yeah." So we continue picking out stamps... and *more* stamps... And then I ask what he wants to SAY so I'll know what to grab in the way of sentiment stamps, and he says "I need one that says 'Love you' cuz he loves me... a LOT ~ so I need to do a LOT of them!" ... which explains why there are so many "Love you's" all over it!!! {sniff-sniff!!!}

And this is totally anti-climactic, but, in case the memo didn't quite get to you, Dash specifically asked Carr and me to help him color it. Otherwise I would never "help" a child with *their* art! ;-)