Friday, February 4, 2011

Harvard Hates...

Since my last blog, I have written 3 new blogs. Amber told me the first one was too depressing, so I didn't post it. In the second one, I tried to recreate a hilarious conversation that Amber and I had, but I could do it no justice, so it also never made it online. I don't even remember what the third one was about, but I'm sure there was a good reason not to share it with my 3-5 readers.

As for this fourth blog, it won't be much of a blog at all. I did make some videos of our dog though, so you can watch those if you want to kill some time. By the way, all the footage was taken on Amber's iPod, so the quality isn't good. Here they are...

In this one, Harv meets my new vacuum. I love both the vacuum and the dog.

This video is just some highlights from his puppyhood.

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