Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's A Boy!!!

That’s right. Amber and I have finally added to our little family. We just adopted a Great Dane yesterday, and he is awesome. His name is Harvard, but you can call him Harvey. Now, I know what some of you are probably thinking. You are thinking, “Why a Great Dane?” Well, Amber and I love big dogs, and we wanted something with a really good temperament, so all signs pointed to the “gentle giant” that is snoring at my feet at this very moment. We have been looking for a puppy for a while now, but we wanted a specific color and we wanted to do it right, so we waited until we found the right breeder. We actually went to see a different puppy a while back, but the breeder was sketchy and the puppy was not Harvey.

We actually came across this breeder while we were at the hospital for Jordan (Amber’s little brother). He was in a car accident (more on that in a blog to come) and his ICU nurse happened to have a blue Dane, and also happened to know that the breeder she got hers from had one male puppy left. It was fate. We contacted the breeder that day, and the next day we had Harvey. I would just like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Jordan for getting in a car accident, taking a helicopter ride to a hospital in Vancouver, suffering a major concussion, getting staples in his head, and freaking the entire family out all for the sake of Harvey joining the Lemiere family. What a great little brother. (he is doing well, by the way)

One concern we had about the puppy was that he was the last one picked, but that concern quickly dissipated like a dog fart in a windstorm. Most people choose their Danes from pictures over the Internet without meeting the puppy until it is delivered to their house, and they usually pick by the dogs markings. Even though Harvey was the last one to find a home, he is still the one we would have picked out of the litter. We got to see him with 3 of the other puppies who were shipping out on Tuesday, and he was our favorite. He is almost completely solid blue, he was the biggest of the litter, and he has the mildest temperament. In fact, as I was crouching down to meet the dogs, the other 3 puppies were biting at my jeans and my shoe laces and Harvey was sitting between my legs with his head resting on my thigh. Temperament was our biggest concern, so his physical qualities are just icing on the cake.

On our way home, we stopped at the hospital so the Evald family could meet their new grandson/nephew. The hospital allowed us to bring him into Jordan’s room, but as we were waiting outside, we were given a glimpse as to what our lives will be like when we take Harvey into public. Everyone that walked by commented on him and couldn’t resist petting him. Many asked if he was a Weimaraner because of his blue coat, and everyone was thrilled to find out he was a Great Dane. “I’ve never seen one so small,” was the typical comment. Don’t worry folks, he will get bigger. Much bigger. Here is a picture of Amber with Harvey’s 170 lbs dad, Apoc:

After one night of having our new son in the house, I still like him. As soon as we took him home, I instantly felt that love that only a parent can feel and finally knew what Amber’s mom is always talking about (that was for you, Sheri). So feel free to come visit our son and us. My brother, Nick, recently had a son and I know that lots of people brought him and Tiff meals since they are new parents, so feel free to do the same for us. :) Just let us know when you want to meet Harvard!!!


Jon McCartie said...

So cute!! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

He's adorable! And Great Danes are great dogs. Mellow and sweet. The only downside is that they make really big poops. :0) Karisa

Anonymous said...

Awww... I love him! Can't wait to meet the new cousin. Nikki

Anonymous said...

That's a huuge b****!

Wait... That's a huuge male!