Sunday, December 13, 2009

Solid Goaled

Yesterday, my brother Nick scolded Andy and me about not updating our blogs enough. Andy doesn’t have internet… my excuse is… I have no excuse. I’m sorry to all of you that have been on the edge of your seat waiting for an update from the eric/amber front.

As I was thinking of a topic to blog about, I was reminded of an old blog I posted on myspace four point five years ago entitled “Answers.” In this blog, I shared some of my life goals. So in this blog, I will re-visit those in greater detail, maybe add some new ones, and even enlighten you on Amber’s. Here we go…

-Own apartments- This is quite feasible, considering that my parents currently own the apartments that my grandpa Duane built, but it is no longer a life goal. I’m not opposed to the idea, but we can probably take it off the “goals” list and add it to the “take it or leave it” list.

-Own storage units- Just seemed like an easy way to make some money, so it made my list. We can add it to the previously mentioned list though.

-Drive a go-cart on the Great Wall of China- This is definitely still a goal, but I fear that it may never come true. If any of you have any connections, let me know.

-Have a pet duck-billed platypus- “take it or leave it” list. I still think they are cool, but I would rather have a dog.

-Sky dive- I don’t remember this ever being a goal of mine, so we’ll just take it off the list all together.

-Drive one of those giant dump trucks used in large mines in Wyoming that have tires that are twice as long as a man (name that movie)- I hate Wyoming… goal removed.

-Play a show in the orient- It’s off the list. But I was in a band called Climber that had our CD distributed over in Japan. Here is proof. Good company too.

-Invent something- Still would love to do this… although I did invent my travel pillow case that zips up and is equipped with a handle for easy transport through airports.

-Have enough money to not have to worry about money- self explanatory… not there yet.

-Have breakfast at a Starbucks in Seattle, lunch in Nashville at Miyako, and dinner in OK City at Tedd’s Café Escondido all in the same day- This goal will probably have to wait until the previous goal is met.

-Get hitched- GOAL ACHIEVED!

-Own a 62 ragtop VW bug- It will be mine… oh yes… it will be mine… (name that movie) At this point, the year doesn’t matter though. Just a ragtop bug please. I could also add a Vespa scooter and another late 70’s Honda Civic 1200 like this one I used to own… preferably not exactly like this one.

*I did not wreck this car... fire wrecked this car.

-Build a house- Maybe someday, but Amber and I just bought our first house in May!

-Take a photo that makes it into a book of cool photos- Need new camera.

-Record my own record- This will happen. Amber will be on it.

-Be in a cartoon as a voice or character- Who doesn’t want this?

-Have a song on a movie or video game soundtrack- Technically, this goal was achieved, since the old band I was in did the soundtrack for the critically unclaimed Bibleman game for PC… it was a lame game… I also played guitar on a make-up commercial.

Now on to Amber’s goals:

-Finish school- She will be done with her bachelor’s this summer. Very proud of her I am.

-Visit Rome, and oriental country, and Denmark- Denmark is the main one here, because her grandparents on her dad’s side are first generation Americans and she really wants to see the mermaid.

-(Kids>=2)- She wants to make at least two children. (insert grandma Doris quote here)

-Ride on a train- This seems within reach.

-Swim with dolphins- We could have done this on our Disney cruise, but we haven’t achieved the money goal on my list yet.

-Have a kitty- We mourned the loss of Amber’s 16 year old cat a couple months ago. She would like another at some point.

-Write a book- I think she probably could put one out right now called “Papers I wrote in college: A collection of papers I wrote in college.” So this one is virtually crossed off.

-Read the entire Bible- Lets see how she does with the genealogies.

-See Madonna in concert- I’m speechless.

-Own a Mini Cooper- It will be hers… oh yes… it will be hers…

So those are our goals at this point in our lives. I hope you enjoyed them, and I hope we inspired you to make your own. And that’s the way the cookie crumbles. (name that movie)


Anonymous said...

Very entertaining, as well as enlightening!! :)

Drew said...

Some men are longer than others...

Drew said...


Eric Lemiere said...

you only named one of the three possible movies to identify.

Drew said...

"very proud of her I am" references Oda in either ESB or ROtJ. The other is Waynes World "she will be mine. Oh yes, she will be mine."

Eric Lemiere said...

the yoda reference was inadvertent. the quote you missed was at the very end of the blog... Bruce Almighty.

Drew said...

It's gooooood.